Supporting Taking Your Medicine

Providing patients with the right support at the right time throughout their treatment is known to improve clinical outcomes, particularly when the condition is managed in the patient’s own environment.

Pharmaxo Healthcare has an in-depth understanding of the different factors that can influence a patient’s adherence to their prescribed treatment. We have extensive experience in designing support programmes that aim to maximise the likelihood that medicines will be taken as intended by the healthcare professional. This is achieved through a tailored mix of intervention techniques, patient education, and support.

Patients receiving home care services from Pharmaxo Healthcare have a valid prescription sent to our pharmacy department on their behalf from their referring hospital. As with all Pharmaxo Healthcare employees, our pharmacy team have a duty of care and pay careful attention to any specific needs associated with your individual treatment regime.

If you have any questions about how to take your medicine(s) or are concerned about anything to do with your treatment programme, such as side effects or drug interactions, you should contact your hospital or clinic directly. They will consult with us when necessary and a response to your enquiry will be provided quickly and efficiently.