Patient Safety

We work in partnership with your referring hospital/clinic to ensure robust processes are put in place to manage your care. Your referring centre retains overall responsibility for your care and our services are delivered under their guidance.

Our patient service advisors will be your main point of contact with Pharmaxo Healthcare. This highly expert team coordinate all aspects of our service to you, keeping in touch with you so you are fully informed at all times. Our teams are available 8am–8pm, Monday to Friday and Saturdays 8am–1pm. Outside of these hours we provide an out-of-hours telephone support service, should you require urgent assistance.

For those patients receiving nursing services from Pharmaxo Healthcare, prior to receiving your treatment you will be contacted by one of our nurses in order to arrange a visit to discuss your specific care requirements and to conduct a risk assessment to make sure that your home environment is safe for the delivery of your treatment and that home care is the best option for you.

If you have any questions about how to take your medicines or are concerned about anything to do with your treatment programme, such as side effects or drug interactions, you should contact your hospital or clinic directly. They will consult with us when necessary and a response to your enquiry will be provided quickly and efficiently.

Pharmaxo Healthcare is required to report any adverse drug event that comes to our attention. An adverse drug event is a reaction to a drug that is not expected or wanted. All medicines can cause side effects, which can range in severity from mild to serious and even life-threatening. As a healthcare organisation, we have a professional and ethical obligation to report adverse drug events and we encourage patients to report these to their health professional e.g. GP, in the first instance.

All Pharmaxo Healthcare staff receive mandatory training on how to recognise, respond to and report adverse drug events. This includes our nurses, pharmacists and patient services teams and covers training on the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.