Meeting the Capacity Challenge

Pharmaxo’s Mobile Treatment Centre works alongside our current homecare service to provide increased choice to patients. It allows Trusts to transition a greater number of patients to out-of-hospital care in a convenient and comfortable setting.

Improved Patient Experience

Innovation is needed to meet the increasing demand on NHS services and the move to offering patients treatments in a setting of their choice.

Custom designed, the Mobile Treatment Centre (MTC) embodies the benefits of out of hospital care within the governance of a hospital setting.


Personalised treatment with a maximum of 2 patients to one nurse.


Air-conditioning, heating, and ventilation, to make patients comfortable.



Complementary hot and cold drinks. Internet access and noise cancelling headphones

Benefits for NHS Trusts

“It’s fair to say without Pharmaxo’s and our GP Triage partner, East Berkshire Primary Care’s support I think it would have been almost impossible to establish our CMDU service.”

Mohammed Asghar / Frimley Health and Care ICS Prescribing Governance Lead

Full Clinic Service

Our Mobile Treatment Centre service includes:

Location scoping, assessment and all operational activities.

1 or 2 nurses on each clinic day.

All required equipment.

Management of all patient communications.

Sharing full visibility of treatment with referring centres.

All that is needed from the hospital is the list of patients with their registration details. We’ll do everything else.

Equity of Care

The Mobile Treatment Centre supports equity in health outcomes by providing complex infusion services right in the heart of the community.

We use patient postcodes provided by you to find the most effective and convenient locations for the patient cohort.

In combination with our traditional clinical homecare services, there’s no reason for any patient to be unable to access the treatment they need.

Supporting the NHS Prevention Programme

With some of our treatments taking up to 2 hours, each visit to one of our clinics provides an opportunity to support the NHS’s important disease prevention work.

We can offer educational materials, consultations or screenings to patients as well as to those accompanying them to their appointment.

When placed in the middle of our most deprived areas, the MTC is a powerful tool to readdress the balance and help people manage their own health more effectively.