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Your day-to-day contact with Pharmaxo Healthcare will be with a member of our Patient Services Team. They will oversee all aspects of the service we provide and will keep you informed throughout.


Managing your prescription fulfilment and arranging for it to be delivered to you at a time that’s convenient for you.

Up to date

Keeping your patient records up to date on our systems and those of your hospital or clinic.

Need help?

Our patient services team are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Something changed?

We understand things can change, so when they do, we aim to make it as simple as possible.

When we call you

The member of the patient services team will explain they are calling from Pharmaxo Healthcare.

They will ask you two security questions. These may refer to your date of birth, address or phone number. This is to ensure that your patient confidentiality is maintained.

If you choose, you can nominate an alternative delivery contact such as a neighbour, relative or friend. Please contact us if you wish to do this.


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Your Delivery

Pharmaxo Healthcare Medication Delivery

If you notice any damage to the packaging of your delivery, please point this out to the driver and they will return it to the Pharmaxo Healthcare pharmacy and a new delivery will be scheduled.

If the contents are required urgently, one of our patient services team will contact your hospital or clinic to make sure you receive the items you need.

Where will it be delivered?

All Pharmaxo Healthcare deliveries for your homecare treatment will be made to an address specified by you. Our delivery driver will have a timed delivery window agreed with you in advance.

How discreet is the delivery?

Your privacy is a priority to us. Our logistics team will have no Pharmaxo branding on their uniform or vehicle – each simply carries a photo ID.

Is the delivery secure?

Once the driver has confirmed your identity and handed over the delivery to you, you will be asked sign your name to acknowledge receipt.

What if I’m not at the delivery address?

If, on arrival, the driver finds nobody in at your nominated address, the driver will:

Contact the patient services team in Pharmaxo to advise them, who will then attempt to contact you by telephone.

  • If you are a short distance away from your delivery address, they may be able to wait for you to return.
  • If this is not possible or you are not able to return to the delivery address, we will rearrange the delivery with you or your nominated contact.
  • If we are not able to contact you, we will leave a card notifying you of the attempted delivery. The card will contain details of what to do in this situation.

How do I store my medication?

Please ensure you follow all the instructions that come with your medication.
If the medication is to be stored at room temperature, then ideally it should be stored in a cupboard away from radiators and windows and out of sight and reach of children or pets.

Some medications may need to go into a fridge. If so, if possible, they need to be kept in the middle of the fridge and not too close to the back or on the shelf in the fridge door.

What should I do with unused medicine?

Unused medication can be taken to your local pharmacy, or we can arrange a collection. Should you require a collection, please call us on 01225 302 188 or contact us via email.

Travelling or going on holiday?

Whilst there may be times when you need to be away from home due to work commitments or your holiday, Pharmaxo Healthcare can still continue to deliver your medicines and related items to your new location in the UK and provide advice for foreign travel.

A first step is for you to contact your hospital or clinic which remains responsible for the care we provide to you. They will contact us and we can then discuss with you putting in place the necessary arrangements.


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Your confidentiality.

Pharmaxo Healthcare complies with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Your personal information is kept strictly confidential at all times. Only specified Pharmaxo Healthcare employees involved in the provision of your care, have access to your personal details.

From time to time we may ask you to complete a service questionnaire, designed to help us gather feedback on the service we provide and develop ways to improve it.

Any surveys we do are anonymous and confidential and are only carried out with the permission of your hospital or clinic.


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Patient Safety

We work in partnership with your referring hospital/clinic to ensure robust processes are put in place to manage your care. Your referring centre retains overall responsibility for your care and our services are delivered under their guidance.

Patient Services

Our patient service advisors will be your main point of contact with Pharmaxo Healthcare. This highly expert team coordinate all aspects of our service to you, keeping in touch with you so you are fully always informed.

Our teams are available 8am–8pm, Monday to Friday and Saturdays 8am–4.30pm. Outside of these hours we provide an out-of-hours telephone support service, should you require urgent assistance.

For those patients receiving nursing services from Pharmaxo Healthcare, prior to receiving your treatment you will be contacted by one of our nurses to arrange a visit to discuss your specific care requirements, and to conduct a risk assessment to make sure that your home environment is safe for the delivery of your treatment and that home care is the best option for you.

Emergency Contact

In the unlikely event you need to contact Pharmaxo Healthcare outside of our business hours, please leave a message and if your enquiry is urgent and cannot wait to be dealt with until the next business day, a member of the team will call you back to resolve your issue.

However, if the condition is life-threatening, please call 999 immediately.

Adverse Reactions

Pharmaxo Healthcare is required to report any adverse drug event that comes to our attention. An adverse drug event is a reaction to a drug that is not expected or wanted. All medicines can cause side effects, which can range in severity from mild to serious and even life-threatening. As a healthcare organisation, we have a professional and ethical obligation to report adverse drug events and we encourage patients to report these to their health professional e.g., GP, in the first instance.

All Pharmaxo Healthcare staff receive mandatory training on how to recognise, respond to and report adverse drug events. This includes our nurses, pharmacists and patient services teams and covers training on the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.


If you have any questions about how to take your medicines or are concerned about anything to do with your treatment programme, such as side effects or drug interactions, you should contact your hospital or clinic directly. They will consult with us when necessary and a response to your enquiry will be provided quickly and efficiently.

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