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Delivery & Prescriptions

Answers about our delivery services and prescriptions can be found below:

Please be advised as soon as we have received your prescription from your hospital and it has been processed, we will be in contact with you to arrange a delivery.

If we are aware that you are waiting for a delivery, if you have agreed to be contacted by SMS, we may send you a text to notify you that the prescription has arrived.

If you have opted to receive SMS notifications, you will receive advance notice of your delivery window via text message either the night before or on the morning of your delivery, giving you an anticipated two-hour delivery window.

If on arrival the driver finds no one at your nominated address, they will:

Contact the patient services team in Pharmaxo to advise them, who will then attempt to contact you by telephone.

  • If you are a short distance away from your delivery address, they may be able to wait for you to return.
  • If this is not possible or you are not able to return to the delivery address, we will rearrange the delivery with you or your nominated contact.
  • If we are not able to contact you, we will leave a card notifying you of the attempted delivery. The card will contain details of what to do in this situation.

Nurse Visits

Answers about our nurse visits and times can be found below:

When we receive a prescription from your clinician, we will contact you to arrange a visit from your nurse. Your nurse will meet you within the agreed time window on the agreed date, and location; depending on your service, your nurse may administer, or teach you to administer your treatment.

Wherever possible you will be seen by the same nurse. However, there will be occasions when your usual nurse will not be available and so we will try to provide a nurse you have seen before.

Your nurse will be in contact with you the night before your visit date to confirm your visit and this will include the time window they expect to be with you. The nursing team make every attempt to take your requests of appointment times into consideration.

As the nurses are travelling to you, it is possible that traffic conditions or delays on their previous visit will alter their arrival time. Where possible, if the nurse anticipates arriving to you later than the time window expected, we will communicate this change to you.

Storage & Disposal

Answers regarding storage of your treatment drugs and safe disposal of sharps can be found below:

Please ensure you follow all the instructions that come with your medication.
All medications should be kept away from children and pets.

If the medication is to be stored at room temperature, then ideally it should be stored in a cupboard away from radiators and windows and out of sight and reach of children or pets.

Some medications may need to go into a fridge. If so, if possible, they need to be kept in the middle of the fridge and not too close to the back or on the shelf in the fridge door.

Packaging can be disposed of in the same way as household waste. Cardboard can be recycled.

Please notify us when arranging your delivery that you have a sharps bin to collect, and we will complete this at the same time as we make your next delivery. If we have not arranged for your collection when arranging your delivery, the driver may not be able to take your bin away.

Feedback & Contact

If you’re looking to give feedback or make a complaint, you’ll find the answers below:

If you are unhappy with any aspects of your treatment or care provided by Pharmaxo Healthcare, then please contact us immediately. It is only by understanding the issues you may have that we can work with you to address them. 

Pharmaxo Healthcare strives to provide high-quality services to all our patients. We welcome feedback and suggestions from all our service users to enable us to shape and develop our services.

If you have had a positive experience, please contact us, so this can be shared and implemented across our team.

If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback please contact our Patient Services Team know.

Our phone lines may be busy at times. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience. If you’re having trouble reaching us, please leave a message and email us.

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